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President Hassan: A Resolute Leader Fighting Multiple Battles For The Ultimate Revival Of His Nation!


Since his unprecedented re-election to lead Somalia for the second term in May 2022, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been a gushing source of good faith and enthusiasm for Somali people.

Who suffered decades-long ubiquitously woeful instability to regather their scattered hopes and pin it on the president’s relentless efforts in implementing what many believed to be a reformative political program informed by realistic and well-calculated national agendas towards which the president began his strides right after he took over the rein.

Among those main priorities on which the president’s political program pivoted were the reactivation and recalibration of the long-standing inconclusive war against Alshabab− a local franchise of the global terrorist organization of Al-Qaida.

As it’s been noticeable both from his actions and words, President Hassan’s understanding of the re-assumption of power was absolutely spot on as he took it to mean like a new lease on life given to his willingness to work at a full throttle running on all cylinders in his strive to get the country through some of the most perpetually vexing challenges, including the ferocious threat of terrorism posed by the arguably most notorious entity in the country; named Alshabab.

Not long after that when a large swathes of territory had been wrested out of the terrorists’ ruthless chokehold, allowing thousands of citizens in those areas for the first time in more than 15 years to enjoy the soothing breeze of freedom as a result of a huge military operations carried out by Somali military forces in collaboration with local vigilantes dubbed as “Macawisley”, roughly translates as “the men in sarongs”; in reference to volunteers bustling with guns who willingly joined a community-led armed revolt backed by the government with the aim of emancipating the disadvantaged people who long perished under the brutal control of Alshabab.

Prior to that, it was unthinkable that Somali people would rise against Alshabab, due to the fear-ridden atmosphere imposed by the terrorists in which every citizen found themselves deprived of all human senses, feelings, and consciences to openly despise the inhumane activities by the group, let alone to wield a gun in rebellion against them.

However, this once in a lifetime opportunity has emerged at a time that, in retrospect, many may argue was the most auspicious compared to the previous occasions on which similar opportunities died on arrival due to lack of government participation. Unlike those stillborn previous attempts, this one has coincided with the reign of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud whose leadership is driven by an unwavering commitment to completely eradicate the evil of Alshabab.

That one battlefield against Alshabab is now into its second year with the government’s reach constantly expanding into new corners of the country to replace the waning power and presence of the terrorists. Along with the might of our military forces and the unmatched valor of our local freedom fighters, it’s also noteworthy that President Hassan Sheikh’s boundless determination proved to be instrumental in making this noble fight a success. He stopped at nothing to make it clear that he’s uncompromisingly committed to achieving the ultimate objective of this campaign as being what he repeatedly described to be ‘A Somalia that is clear from terrorism’.

Whilst engaging in a fierce warfare with extremism, the president is again seeming to have been compelled by another force of circumstance which apparently propelled him into a new battleground in the face of a new threat of expansionism posed by an external actor, following a so-called port deal signed between Ethiopia and Somalia’s provincial administration of Somaliland, by which the former is being granted an entitlement to its long-sought access to the red sea through a lease, as per allegedly the deals’ written documents released lately.

In exchange for that maritime access, Ethiopia consented for a share of its flag carrier airlines “Ethiopian Airlines” to be acquired by Somaliland. On top of that, the Somaliland leader, Muse Bihi, has one-sidedly mentioned as part of the agreement’s terms that Ethiopia would fully recognize Somaliland as a country, an aspiration that this breakaway region has longed for since its inception in the wake of the collapse of Somali nation in 1991.


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