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Somali military forces and the Ma.awisley local Army came out the war zone of Camaara Town


There is a tense situation in Galmudug people from the front line of the war against al-Shabaab arrived after they cleared Amara District which is a strategic place where the government forces were located, especially those who have recently arrived. trained by Eretea and the local army led by Ahlusuna scholars.

The Gor Gor forces have already come out of the areas of Aad, Jeh-Jeh and Shabeellow where they have been fighting for more than 4 months.

The local people all fled the city after the army left

The government forces, which did not have any combat vehicles, left Amara district on foot yesterday afternoon and reached Xinlabi, which is 30 KM from Amara towards Adado district. The soldiers who are in need and lack of transportation, they said that the reason they came out was that they did not have what they said in the army gram and the salaries they were entitled to and they also did not have anything to eat. Also, the Maawisley community and some of the clans have stopped in the Xinlabi area hoping to return to the liberated areas.

Until now, it is not really known the reasons behind the army’s decision, which shocked the people of Galmudug.


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