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SSC Khatuma warned of an attack by Somaliland in the Sool region


Leader Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali participated in a community meeting where the people of Lasanood supported the SSC-Khatomo Defense Forces, strengthening the security of the capital, increasing the income and increasing the tax payment.

Leader Fardhiye praised the people of SSC-Khatumo for always standing by their administration, and the leader also praised the SSC-Khatumo Defense Forces who are the heroes of the people of SSC-Khatumo for their peace and security.

The leader also shared with the people that the Somaliland administration and Muse Bihi are planning to attack and attack the SSC-Khatumo areas again, and he called on the people to stand by the defense forces.

He called on the Federal Government of Somalia to play its part in defending the unity of the Republic of Somalia which the Somaliland administration is standing for its separation.

On the other hand, the leader noted that the international community has been watching the war crimes that Moses committed in the past and the conflicts that he is fueling at this time.


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