Home ENGLISH UPDATES The police arrested six people accused of killing a civil aviation officer.

The police arrested six people accused of killing a civil aviation officer.


The police said that they have arrested 6 people, who are accused the case of the death of the late Abdinasir Musa Abdirahman, his body was found in his house in the wadajir district of Banadir region, after the police conducted investigations on the body.

A statement from the Police Command reads as follows: “Tonight at around 06:30 PM, the Wadajir District Police Station in Banadir Region received information that the body of a citizen was found in his residence area General Daoud Department. Eel Qalow.

The police also said body found was one of the staff Somali Civil Aviation Authority, and the deceased came from the Northern regions of Somaliland while working with the agency as previously announced. “The deceased was named Abdinasir Muse Abdirahman, son of Mako Nur Dhimbil, 32 years old, born in Gebeley, North-West, resident of Wadajir District, and worked for the Somali Civil Aviation Authority,” added the statement issued by the police command.

The army said that evidence was left at the scene of the incident that shows that some of the people were killed, and the police said that investigations are underway to arrest 6 people, who are suspected to be involved. He was killed in the attack. “The police arrived at the scene and started investigating the incident. and the police are now in the hands of about 6 suspects and the evidence that was left at the scene, the investigation of this case is going on and I will share it with the community later. The incident is coming to the fore in recent days in Mogadishu where there have been murders in the community, the army has arrested a number of people who are accused of killing other people, and it is not known the reason behind the killing of the late Abdinasir Muse Abdirahman who was a government employee.


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