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Names of the New Council of Ministers of the Somali regional government of Puntland


Puntland President Saeed Abdullahi Deni released the new list of the Puntland Cabinet of Ministers

The new cabinet of Puntland is wider than the previous one with the addition of new ministries after the separation of some ministries.

Also, there are former members of the government of the previous term of President Deni who are again in the new Cabinet.

Puntland’s appointed ministers consist of 21 ministries

Read Below:

Ministry of Justice Mohamed A/Wahab Ahmed

Ministry of Security and DDR Ibrahim Cartan Ismail Haji Bakin

Ministry of Internal Affairs Abdi Farha Juha

Ministry of Finance Mohamed Farah Mohamud

Ministry of Planning Daoud Mohamed Omar

Ministry of Education Fu’ad Abshir Ahmed (Uncle)

Ministry of Health Saeed Jama Qosheel

Ministry of Public Works and Transport Farah Awad Jama

Ministry of Ports Shakir Mohamed Guled

Ministry of Aviation Abdullahi Bile Noor

Ministry of Women Maryam Ahmed Ali

Ministry of Information Mohamud Eyid Dirir

Ministry of Trade and Industry Ahmed Shire Said

Ministry of Animal Husbandry Omar Abdisamad Yusuf Dhuh

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Mohamed A/rahman Farole

Ministry of Fisheries A/risaq A/llahi Hagaa

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Abd Rahman Ahmed Abdulle

Ministry of Mines and Water Liban Musa Osman

Ministry of Flower Relief Ab/rashid Mohamed Hirsi

Ministry of Agriculture Mohamed Abd Qadir Saleh

Ministry of Youth and Sports Hodon Saeed Hassan


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